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The Provocative Qur'an by Farooq Husayn

The Provocative Qur'an

by Farooq Husayn

312 pages
A new, stimulating and self building introduction to the Qur’an.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
Is it possible to provoke diverse denominations, political affiliations and personal beliefs to find common ground?

Can Contemporary America Rethink its World?

All of us face similar questions: How can I become a better parent? What can make marriage exciting? Are there secrets to becoming successful in school, at our job or in business? Is there a balance between personal life and civic involvement? Can we find a way out of the present economic woes? Whom should I vote for? What should I vote for? So far, each of us has selected answers based on his or her bias and preference. Unfortunately, it is this very bias and preference which divides us from reality. Yes, there is a better approach: The path of self-honesty; the path of The Provocative Qur’an.

The Provocative Qur'an is divided into three parts, each utilizing Qur'anic text as motivation and illustration:
* Provocation to encourage readers to think about the ideal of virtue or ‘being good,’ and providing inspiration to the do the right thing.
* Instigation towards an open-minded and critical approach to the major epochs of human thought—illustrated by the stories of Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus—and discovery of their practical benefit.
* Prescription to guide readers as they utilize the wisdom of the Qur'an to self-build in a positive direction and to unify human diversity by demolishing the artificial and false barriers between Human beings and their Humanity.

Controversy is ubiquitous. However, this is one book which uses provocation to reconcile people with themselves and with each other. As such, this book is not about theory but about practice; not about argument but about resolution; not about what we disagree but about what we agree.

This 312 page book is easy to read with well-laid out chapters, heading and subheadings. The glossary is simple and the format makes an index unnecessary. It is the first in the series of six thoughtful works by Farooq Husayn, a physician who believes that healing worldview is the first step towards healing minds and bodies.



About the Author
The author, Farooq Husayn, hails from Pakistan. He moved to the United States in 1975 and travels abroad frequently. His broad experience as a practicing Muslim, a USAF officer, a busy pediatrician and attorney, a husband and a father of three children, inspired his first book, The Provocative Qur’an.



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