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Stepping Into the New Reality by Karen Bishop

Stepping Into the New Reality

by Karen Bishop

344 pages
Survive the fall and move into your Heaven with ease.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
About the Book
As the old world is now rapidly beginning its "fall," many are finding there is not much left to hold onto. Through a long and at times arduous process of letting go in order to connect to something new and more highly evolved, we can thus ease the very natural process of ascension.

Stepping Into the New Reality examines the many steps up the ascension ladder, describes helpful processes to ease each step, identifies ways of moving out of the old and into the new, and gives a clear picture of where we are headed and what is to come.

With sections on Keys of Being in the New Reality and Stepping Stones on Your Path, you will learn to navigate the new energies with ease, identify who you are, define your path, learn how to set up your money generating store-front, connect to your path of service, and find your Heaven on Earth.


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About the Author
Karen Bishop Recognized as an authority on our ascension process since 2002, Karen Bishop continues to reach thousands of readers worldwide through her regular energy alerts and books. Residing in the mountains of New Mexico, she spends her time writing, sewing, painting, in nature, and interacting with the new energies and non-physicals.



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