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UFOs...Alien Thought Machines: How the Minds of Aliens, by Thought Alone, Create and Control Their Space Ships by Linc Alexander

UFOs...Alien Thought Machines: How the Minds of Aliens, by Thought Alone, Create and Control Their Space Ships

by Linc Alexander

196 pages
The how the Aliens do the impossible book.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Supernatural
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About the Book
Imagine if you can, a highly intelligent humanoid being about 3 feet in height that has a giant head, no ears, pin pricks for a nose and a slit for a mouth that never moves. The triangular face holds the giant, black, almond shaped, insect like eyes that occupy most of the face. The head sits atop a neck so thin that abductees describe the head as an apple stuck on a stick. The body has the humanoid features of shoulders, arms, hands, torso, legs and feet. The shoulders are square and the long, very thin arms show no evidence of an elbow joint. The three fingered hands have sticky pads on the finger tips instead of finger nails. The torso is slim and straight with no belly or buttock protrusions. The legs are long, very thin and without a knee joint. No toes are visible on the feet.

Abductees believe that the being is naked and have not seen any evidence of sex organs. The being has never been seen to drink or eat or to pass urine or feces. Most remarkable of all, abductees have come to the realization that the being does not breathe.

We have come to know this being as the “Gray” Alien, the occupant of the UFO.

Their space ship, the UFO appears “out of nowhere” performs maneuvers that are impossible by the laws of our physical universe, and when its mission is finished, disappears back into “nowhere.”

This behavior of the UFO and the characteristics of the Gray are so improbable that our scientific community dismisses the entire phenomenon out of hand. It just cannot be.

In spite of scientific denial, the UFO and the Alien Gray do exist; the UFOs appear from another dimension… the “nowhere,” the impossible flights of the UFO are real and the Grays do not eat, drink or breathe. It is all so strange as to be incomprehensible to many.

Can a being live without food and water; we would say it’s impossible unless we had evidence of humans doing it.

Can live beings and their machines travel from one dimension to another; again we would say that it’s impossible unless there was evidence of humans doing it.

How do humans live without food or water, how do humans and Aliens travel inter-dimensionally? This behavior is not a miracle; it is all possible and governed by immutable laws; laws of the physical universe that we understand and the little known laws of the paranormal.

UFOs...Alien Thought Machines: How the Minds of Aliens, by Thought Alone, Create and Control Their Space Ships is the “How it is done “ book.

The “impossible” is no longer impossible when we have documented evidence of human abilities that match that of the Alien.

Want to know how it’s all done? Be prepared for a fascinating and revealing read.


Just wanted to let you know that I received your very fascinating book, It's awesome reading, and as soon as I'm finished with it I'll be sharing it with Tom and Cathy Morello, the new producers of our Cutting Edge show.
- Kyle Dayton, The Cutting Edge Show


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About the Author
Linc Alexander A 45 year flying career, 4 UFO sightings, a passionate interest in Astronomy, Cosmology and Physics along with a lifetime study of the Esoteric Mystical Sciences, give Linc both the understanding of our physical being and our psychic capacity to enter and work in the multi-dimensional universe. Linc offers a logical, provable analysis and explanation of the enigmatic Alien and UFO.



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