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BAM: Backstory Dribble by Cyn Mobley

BAM: Backstory Dribble

by Cyn Mobley

40 pages
Getting backstory in without dumping all at once.

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Category: Writing
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About the Book
Backstory: itís one of the biggest challenges facing writers. How do you get it in? How do you bring your reader inside your protagonistís world without simply dumping five pages of backstory and authorial intrusion on the reader?

The answer is the backstory dribble. Itís gotta come in gradually, within the flow of the main story.

Well-executed backstory adds depth and subtlety to your story. But do it wrong (and too early) and you never make it out of the slush pile.

Should you start with a prologue? Sometimes, but probably not when you think you should.

How long should a flashback be? Do you even want one or are there other techniques that will do a better job.

All this and more, in the Backstory Dribble.



About the Author
USA Today bestselling author Cyn Mobley has been published by Berkley, St. Martins Press, Avon, Lyons and Alpha Press. Her books are frequently optioned for film. A former lawyer and black belt in karate, Mobley now runs Greyhound Books and Bushido Press. She lives in the South with her Greyhounds and Airedales.



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