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Breathe 123: 45 Seconds To Everything You Want by Julie Hutton

Breathe 123: 45 Seconds To Everything You Want

by Julie Hutton

56 pages
A simple, quick breathing technique that will change your life.

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Category: Health:Mental:Meditation
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About the Book
45 Seconds to Everything You Want.

IMAGINE if, in the beat of your heart, in the rhythm of your breath, you could connect with your inner self, to find peace, to take control of your life, to achieve the success you yearn for and deserve.

Breathe 123, is the revolutionary program that shows you how to do just that.

We live in the age of the 'monkey mind' – jumping from thought to thought like a monkey jumps from tree to tree, frantically hopping between ideas and the conflicting demands of a hectic lifestyle. And we breathe to this frenzied rhythm.

But, if you could just pause for a moment, regroup your emotions, focus your mind……Breathe 1, 2, 3…… you would discover a different you, a calm and self-assured person, a problem-solver, a positive influence on those around you.

And if you could summon this power at will, if you could regularly access this source of inner peace and strength, you could build a persona that enjoys health, wealth and absolute contentment, a person who takes life in his or her stride, a person who knows how to seize the moment.

With Breathe 123, in less than a single minute, you can tame the monkey mind and, not only re-balance yourself, but also, with practice, use the technique repeatedly to:
unlock your potential,
tap into your creative genius,
focus your attention,
strengthen your wellbeing,
discover your true self.

It's a simple but carefully controlled breathing method that works instantly, that you can initiate at any time and wherever you are and that you can build on to develop a deep and lasting strength and sense of contentment.

How Breathe 123 tames the 'monkey mind'

For centuries, mystics and scientists alike have understood the power of breath. Controlling how you breathe is the gateway to controlling how your mind and your body work.

But you don't control how you breathe.

STOP right now and review how you are breathing. Fast. Shallow. Right?

Breathe 123 will change all that, giving you back your sanity, your joy and your rightful success.

How Breathe 123 works

1. It's easy. Super easy. No physical effort. No strenuous positions!

2. You spend a brief time understanding the importance of good breathing.

3. You learn and practice the 45 second Breathe 123 technique, how to use it whenever you want and how to use prompts to integrate it into your everyday life.

It's true. You can begin your Breathe 123 journey in just 45 seconds. No matter how busy you are. You may not be able to find 20 minutes to meditate but… You know you can find 45 seconds.

Immerse yourself in this fascinating and revealing book to discover how, in just 45 seconds, 45 precious little NOW moments you can:

Relax, feel an instant sense of calm
Take control of your situation
Achieve your goals

All this as simply as if you had flicked a switch.



About the Author
Julie Hutton Julie Hutton is a success coach and transformational life-change consultant. She is one of the pioneers of this approach to personal development, helping people from all walks for 20+ years. She specializes in facilitating rapid integration of success-producing behaviors and attitudes. She also developed Charisma 123 and Super Youthening programs.



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