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Ítre revelation: 31 Days of Revelation by Jennifer O'Brien

Ítre revelation: 31 Days of Revelation

by Jennifer O'Brien

63 pages
Etre Revelation provides applicable guidance for your every day life.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
Etre Revelation is a 31-day devotional journal that is meant to bring revelation and, therefore, applicable guidance in your every day life. Each day consists of an eye-opening perspective taken from scripture and the day-to-day, minute-by-minute happenings that occur in this world. In addition, you will find a short prayer to invite God in, scriptures for further reflection, and footnotes to take you even deeper still.

Throughout the struggles that occur in this world, Jesus Christ came to free you from the burden that you carry that is heavy laden with lies that keep you from being everything that you can be. That freedom is within grasp and is yours for the taking if you simply ask. Within these pages your eyes will be opened to the kingdom of heaven where you have the opportunity "to be" you. The True you.

In French, Ítre is translated "to be." God calls you to be revelation in this life and not just in the life that is to come. He is revelation. Let the I AM of Revelation open your eyes to freedom in Christ and start living in the present without the lies holding you to your past, future, or fantasy. Take this thirty-one day journey to be all that He has called you to be.



About the Author
In a world that seems tainted with jargon and religiosity, Jennifer O'Brien offers a refreshing approach to spirituality. With a lifelong pursuit of finding Truth in every aspect of life, she attempts to search for revelation through the muck of Orange County, California, with her husband Trever.



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