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The Better Writing Now Toolkit — Secrets & Strategies for Powerful Writing by Dawn Josephson

The Better Writing Now Toolkit — Secrets & Strategies for Powerful Writing

by Dawn Josephson

66 pages
Transform from a good writer to a highly-successful, in-demand freelancer.

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Category: Writing
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About the Book
Why do some freelance writers get all the choice writing assignments — with major publications and big name corporate clients — while you try everything possible and barely earn enough money as a freelancer to pay your electric bill? Now there’s a way for you to massively improve your writing skills, quickly and easily, and make more money from your writing.

The Better Writing Now Toolkit walks you through the absolutely crucial steps you need to master to become a great writer and see the level of success you want. Unlike some writing toolkits that bore you to death with classroom-style material, The Better Writing Now Toolkit addresses the specific writing techniques that separate the amateurs from the professionals... and then shows you (in a simple and easy-to-follow and apply way) how to use the techniques and tools to stand out from the crowd and get your writing noticed.

It’s essentially the ultimate writing toolkit and will quickly have you up-to-speed on how the best writers in the world create the phenomenal work they do... and how you can blow your writing ability through the roof in as little as just a few days.

In The Better Writing Now Toolkit you’ll discover how to:

• Get inside your readers’ heads and flick the right switches that make them devour every word you write

• Put "wants" over "needs" in your writing — you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes

• Make the art of conversation the best form of research

• Harness the power of imagery and watch your words jump off the page

• Keep emotion running through your writing, making reading more of an adventure than a recital

• Sharpen your writing and hone your dynamic edge until it’s able to cut through the guard of even the most cynical reader

• Become skilled in the art of explanation

• Fill your writing with action and excitement

• Use the Internet to find out about your next project

• Recycle information to make future writing projects easier

• Overcome writer’s block – Really!

• Banish lazy headlines and titles (that cost you readers and sales) to the sidelines...forever.

• Develop a razor-sharp eye for common mistakes that cost you time and money

• Become a "master" of picking the right words for your writing

• Harness the emotion of your writing...this will make your writing far more personal and intimate (and your readers will love you for it)

If you’re ready to massively improve your writing skills, quickly and easily, and be an in-demand freelance writer, then The Better Writing Now Toolkit will provide you with everything you need and put you on the path to writing success.



About the Author
Dawn Josephson Dawn Josephson is a writing coach to professional speakers, executives, and self-employed professionals. She is the ghostwriter of over 2,100 published magazine articles and 20 published books, and is the editor of over 120 published books. Known as the Master Writing Coach™, Dawn also conducts workshops on various writing topics.



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