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Around the World by Mistake by Jane Winslow Eliot

Around the World by Mistake

by Jane Winslow Eliot

240 pages
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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
In the summer of 1963 Jane and Alexander Eliot put the last of their money onto a trip around the world: a Yugoslav freighter that was scheduled to deliver all sorts of exotic goods from Rijecka to Osaka and then back again. They trusted to fate that they could pick up the pieces of their freelance writing lives again when they returned.

The trip was scheduled to take seven months, and the boat carried a total of just sixteen passengers.

The family had been living in Greece the past four years because they loved it there. Before moving, they had lived New York City. Jane had worked at CBS with Edward R. Morrow and later at Time Magazine, where she met Alexander Eliot, who was the art editor there. Now freelance journalists, the couple wrote books and articles about travel, art, mythology, and education.

As their young children matured toward school age, neither Jane nor Alex wanted to corral them into school. They wanted their children to experience life as fish in water, or as part of the air they breathed. They wanted them to escape the narrows of nationality, religion, or class, in order to take part in a whole universe as whole people. They wanted to inspire them to regard the whole world as their home.

And so they bought tickets for the freighter voyage.

Right from the beginning the mood was strange on board ship. While the freighter sailed through the Bay of Bengal, the president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. Civil war escalated in Malaysia and the Vietnam War intensified.

The little freighter sailed on, with a mysterious, invisible captain at the helm, stopping at exotic ports, as the passengers underwent weird and wonderful encounters, experienced tense moments, and explored mysterious questions. And all during the voyage, Stefan, the shipís steward, epitomized strength and kindness as steadily as the north star.

The journey was not what any of the passengers expected. Not at first. But as the boat sailed down the Dalmation coast through the Suez Canal, to the sacred caves of Ellora and Ajanta, and then to the intoxicating temples in Penang and Singapore, the family navigated their way through daily lessons, spiritual growth, and lively encounters with their fellow passengers.

Around the World by Mistake describes a real adventure about which most people only dream.


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About the Author
Writer, traveler, educator, Jane Winslow Eliotís articles and essays have appeared in The Atlantic, Smithsonian, Travel & Leisure, and Chicken Soup for the Travelerís Soul. Her published books range from seminal essays for parents and teachers such as Letís Talk, Letís Play to The History of the Western Railroads.



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