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It's All About the Games by Letta Meinen

It's All About the Games

by Letta Meinen

188 pages
The book is about sports and how it affect us.

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Category: Sports
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About the Book
The book It's All about the Games is a combination of stories about sports and how they have affected my family and friends. I wanted to include that sports will teach your children about fair play, team work, working to improve yourself and the rewards you get from them. I feel by reading these stories written by them that it shows that they have had a great time with much success. There are fifteen contributors who have a story to tell and in their own words.

I have included many pictures as they are involved in their sports. I feel this enhances the book and helps tells the story I wanted to portray. Many types of sports are included here from football, basketball, baseball, golf, softball, lacrosse, swimming and the games that we all played. There are some funny stories that happen while playing these games. There are stories of golf games and what can happen when you are involved in tournaments. Of course there is a full chapter on the great score the Hole-in-One.

I have also included many of the stories my husband wrote that I found in his files. We all agreed they should be published. He had a great sense of humor and it shows how he got what he wanted by the use of complimentary words. Many of the stories that were written by my grandchildren have included how their grandfather influenced them while they were involved in sports.

I have always felt that keeping our children involved in sports have influenced, entertained, enriched and awarded them throughout their life. I am still enjoying sports as I live on the Mill Creek Golf Club and am able to play golf most every day. I am involved with the Ladies Golf Association and other activities in the community plus my church. I also do a lot of writing other then books as I am involved with several web sites with one that is all about golf. At my age of 83 I think it is important to keep active in both exercise and keeping my mind mentally alert.

This book has been a pleasure to put together, it has brought the family closer together and it was all accomplished by email. Since we are all scattered around United State this is a good way to keep us closer together. My thanks to all who contributed as they are all anxious to see they works published.


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About the Author
Letta Meinen lives in Salado, Texas on the Mill Creek Golf Club. She is involved with golf and other community activities plus her church. She loves to write and also writes on three Web sites.



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