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Helping History Come Alive by Danna Estridge and Juanita Westerfield

Helping History Come Alive

by Danna Estridge and Juanita Westerfield

86 pages
How to plan, organize and promote a living history event.

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Category: History
About the Book
Historical reenactment events can be fun and profitable, as well as unique learning experiences.

This book contains information about how to plan, organize, and host a historical reenactment eventóone that could include armed engagements as well as civilian reenactment opportunities, encampments, military demonstrations, drills, contests, classes or other instruction, period music and dance, and other living history activities.

The information in this manual is specific to hosting a Civil War reenactment because that is the type of reenactment event with which the authors each have more than a decade of experience. However, the same principles used to plan and host a Civil War reenactment can be adapted to fit a number of other historical reenactment events, such as Frontier Era, Long Hunters camp, Revolutionary War, Victorian Era, Gothic, Wild West, Medieval, Renaissance, Biblical era, Roaring Twenties, Prohibition, Spanish-American War, Mexican War, and more.

Information includes: deciding on the type and duration of the event; when and where to hold your event; facilities and equipment you will need; safety issues; legal issues; dealing with volunteers and reenactors; types of event activities; registration; encampments; advertising and promotion; income and expenses; miscellaneous details; dealing with problems; wrapping up the event; and a short description of other types of reenactment events.

Whether you have never hosted a reenactment event before or you are a seasoned event host, you can find useful information in the pages of this book that will help you with your next event.


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About the Author
Danna Estridge is a native of Laurel County, Kentucky. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a bachelorís degree in journalism and history. Danna has photographed and written about Civil War reenacting for more than a decade. She has also written three other nonfiction books.

Juanita Westerfield, Southeastern Kentucky native, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who enjoys "doing" history in her free time. For the past 14 years she has been President of the Laurel Home Guard, which coordinates the Camp Wildcat Reenactment. Juanita hopes to see history "live" for many years to come.



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