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Live a Life You Love & Make a Living Doing It by Wendy and David Watson-Hallowell

Live a Life You Love & Make a Living Doing It

by Wendy and David Watson-Hallowell

168 pages
Learn how to 'have fun, do good and make money'

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Category: Self Help:Success
About the Book
Changing our limiting beliefs to ones that work in our favor is at the heart of this inside-out approach to creating and living a fulfilling life.

FunWorks® is the philosophy the authors have used with hundreds of individuals, organizations and communities to help them live a life they love that also supports them financially. Simply put – fun works. When we are having fun – life works. The FunWorks® principles are to ‘have fun, do good and make money’ – all in that order. The book is based on the authors’ life-coaching practice and guides individuals to integrate the FunWorks® principles into the major domains of their lives.

These stories and exercises will awaken your dreams, encourage you to see yourself differently and provide a plan of action to live a life you love.

Clients have said -

“Using FunWorks has empowered me to see possibilities in my life that I had not considered previously to this process. I can now take responsibility for my own life and how I create what happens when I am not having fun with it. FunWorks is not just about ‘work’ it is about life”

“I would recommend this program for anyone who feels that their life is out of balance, that he or she is putting a lot of energy and not getting much back out. I came away from the work with a plan and a roadmap. Whether I stick to it is ultimately up to me; but this approach helped me to see the most promising path. The results were evident almost immediately…and for that I am very grateful.”


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About the Author
The authors Wendy and Dave are ‘living the dream’ of ‘having fun, doing good and making money. Both thoroughly enjoy their consulting and life coaching work running a community based non profit, and their eco-tourism business. Characterized as happy, fun and passionate people they bring energy to everything they do



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