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A LIFE ON THE LINE: Stories of Service in the Border Patrol by Darryl Rambo

A LIFE ON THE LINE: Stories of Service in the Border Patrol

by Darryl Rambo

156 pages
Stories from a patrol agents life in the Border Patrol.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
This book covers the first ten years of my 21 year Border Patrol career. It describes some of the internal struggles that I encountered along the way. Although some of these experiences were career threatening, I try to keep it light and easy reading.

There were many unusual things that occurred during this period of my career in the Border Patrol. I have only touched on some of the more humorous, and bizarre of those things. Many of these stories were so hilarious that I had a hard time keeping a straight face while they were occurring, and in some cases I did not. Even some of the malicious things that happened to me were so obvious that I could not help but laugh.

It is my belief that some of the practices of the U.S. Government should be revealed to the public. One of those is allowing illegal aliens from countries other than Mexico to go free after having been written up on a form I-210 (An order to show cause). They are supposed to appear before a Federal Judge within 30 days, but they never do. They have this form to present to any law enforcement officer that happens stop them. Once the officer looks at the I-210 he/she can see that the Border Patrol has already talked to this person and turned him/her loose, therefore; there is no reason to notify the Border Patrol.

These stories will give you, the reader, a feeling of what is involved in being a Border Patrol Agent. You will be taken through the process from prior to applying for the Border Patrol, to taking the written exam, all the way to passing the final exam and being accepted as a career agent, then on to working as an agent.

You will find, I believe that the “Peter Principle”, is alive and well in the Border Patrol, as well as in the rest of the Government.

I also think you will be amused, and highly entertained by some of the occurrences that take place between these covers.


A brief peek into a little known realm of law enforcement. The "Patrol" was a harsh mistress that exacted her price for probably the best and least known career in what at that time was a very elite unit of federal law enforcement. Told by an agent who has been there and has the t-shirt.
Poignant, funny, sometimes a little sad and troubling, as the truth often is. Any Patrol Agent will recognize these characters and situations. You can\'t invent situations this funny and sometimes touching because the truth really is oft times stranger than fiction.......
Looking forward to the next installment where the aviation career begins.
- The author's Co-pilot (who also has the T-shirt)
I was given a copy of your book by my Mother-in-Law, Nuri Cantu. You were generous enough to sign it. I just finished it and wanted to compliment your work and thank you. It is a great compilation of serious and funny stories of life in “The Patrol”. Things are dramatically different in the last several years but the human elements of compassion, dedication and humor are still a big part of the life. I hope you continue to enjoy your retirement. I will add your yahoo e-mail to the distribution list we use for retired employees in the valley. We often invite our retired folks to events like change of command, ribbon cuttings and ground-breaking etc. If these events coincide with your time in the valley, please join us and be sure to say hello it would be a pleasure to meet you.
- Ronald D. Vitiello


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About the Author
Darryl was a Border Patrol Agent in El Paso, Texas for ten years, and a Border Patrol Pilot in McAllen, Texas for eleven years. This book covers the ten years in El Paso, where many different experiences were encountered by him, and some of those are included in this book.



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