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AREA 217 by Gary Gamage

AREA 217

by Gary Gamage

264 pages
A terrifying, nearly vanished path discovered by three determined people.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
About the Book
Will they comprehend whose trail they’ve found? – Beckelman, an aged Israeli researcher already sentenced to death by his doctor; Rob Kugler, a felonious, manipulative, and bored computer wizard who happens to work for the CIA; and Runyon Brinnell, a surly battle-scarred Agency field veteran in extremely hot water, currently in hiding, assigned to an empty desk at Langley.

The tension-filled odyssey spans sixty years and three continents. At its heart is a terrifying, nearly vanished path discovered by three unusually resourceful people - each drawn by a separate determination to unfold what will become a cataclysmic secret.


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About the Author
Gary Hall Gamage is a retired Analyst from Boeing Aircraft who has been writing for fifteen years.



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