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The Cheshire Grin by Oscar Robinson

The Cheshire Grin

by Oscar Robinson

231 pages
Narcotics and a murdered hit-man put Lew Piper in danger.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
When a hit man preparing to testify before a Grand Jury is gunned down in front of his protection detail, everything looks like a setup. The police donít get off a shot in response and donít even get the license number of the car.

Lew Piper, a security consultant who describes himself as ďa flunked-out intelligence agentĒ gets a contract with the city to try to find out what went wrong. Immediately, gunmen break into his house planning to kill him but he happens to be out of town following up a lead. The burglars end up viciously trashing his house and terrorizing his beloved cat, Daniel

Piper comes into possession of a video tape of the hit manís murder taken by a tourist who happened to witness the crime. He copies it before turning it into the police forensics unit and watches later as the tape is played back to the investigating detectives. It has been edited to remove crucial evidence.

Suspicious of everyone now, he searches for the weakest link in the conspiracy and finds more than he can handle by himself. He calls on old friends in the government to come down and give him a hand: Jim Barker, a very senior intelligence expert and Paul Villa, a protection specialist who likes to kill people.

Their investigations uncover a plot to import massive quantities of narcotics through Venezuela using military aircraft disguised as diplomatic courier planes. Lew Piper travels to Venezuela alone to face down the General behind the plot with support from another old friend, a US Air Force officer.

As dangerous as his experiences are in Caracas, they pale in comparison to his later confrontation back home with a Sergeant in the Texas Rangers.


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About the Author
Oscar Robinson worked in the Intelligence business for a number of years. He currently lives in Texas with his wife, three cats, and several old cars.



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