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One Family's Journey Through the Great Depression and World War II by Earl Getz

One Family's Journey Through the Great Depression and World War II

by Earl Getz

216 pages
Imagine living in the Great Depression of the 1930s.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Brother can you spare a dime? Imagine living during the Great Depression of the 1930s! What was life like during those painful years. How did individuals manage to get through those painful years. Millions were without homes, having lost their homes through foreclosures. Still millions were without work. It was only through World War II when the country geared up for war did the effects of the Great Depression wear off.

The Great Depression affected almost every American in some manner. It changed the way people looked at life and how they felt about the role of the government.

Having grown up during the Great Depression, Earl Getz gives an eye witness account of what life was like during those years. He brings to life the hardships and the sacrifices that had to be made. The reader gets a feel on how faith in God and perseverance can bring a family through the most difficult of times.



About the Author
Earl Getz Earl Getz was born in 1927 and was the second youngest in a family of ten children. His formative years were spent in Monterey Park, California during the Great Depression years of the 1930s. He attended Concordia Teachers College and later earned a Masters Degree in history from California State University, Northridge, California.



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