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Beginning English Rider's Handbook by Laura Harrison McBride

Beginning English Rider's Handbook

by Laura Harrison McBride

54 pages
Everything beginning English riders of any age need to know.

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Category: Sports
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About the Book
A passion for horses.

A wealth of world-class instruction distilled by one passionate, well-educated, caring riding teacher.

These are excellent reasons to keep Beginning English Rider's Handbook at your side as you move from beginner to intermediate rider...and beyond.

Beginning English Rider's Handbook explains the basics of English riding in ways that riders--and parents or significant others of riders--can easily understand.

Beginning English Rider's Handbook offers informed opinions on all the essential aspects of beginning riding, from finding lessons that are appropriate and valuable, to choosing equipment and even buying the first horse. The author is both an accomplished rider and a deeply experienced teacher of riding. She knows that the early training is the most essential training a rider will ever it had better be right. This book will teach readers how to find the best possible training for the best possible results.

Riders will get the proverbial 'leg up' and be able to impress themselves, their friends, and, most importantly, their horse with their increasing skills and general knowledge about riding and horses.

Beginning English Rider's Handbook is the essential first book for any rider--or anyone else who wants to know what it is that compels their child-wife-husband-girlfriend/boyfriend to spend time, money and emotional currency on the huge, magical beasts.



About the Author
Laura Harrison McBride has written 14 non-fiction books on subjects from equine sports to personal finance, as well as more than 5,000 articles on subjects including food, travel, interior design, agriculture, theater and business management. She holds academic degrees in a few of these subjects.



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