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The Elements of Wealth by James Tate

The Elements of Wealth

by James Tate

391 pages
Wealth, so desired, yet so illusive to so many,.. Why?

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About the Book
WEALTH: SO DESIRED, yet so elusive to so many.


EMPOWERED: by the surprising, provocative, and unorthodox answer, the reader grasps wealth's true meaning and much more!

LEARNS: creating wealth is not a material dilemma.
RECOGNIZES: worth as a Divine bestowal.
DISCOVERS: the physical is not a springboard for temptation.
GAINS: an improved quality of life.

RESOLVES: as unwarranted, the material and spiritual age-old conflict.
EXPOSES: wealth's dual personality of betterment and tranquility.
REVEALS: the hardware of existence and the software of life.
CONFIRMS: the spiritual practicality of accruing material wealth.

WARNS: separating the spiritual and material is endangering and apocalyptic.
UNCOVERS: an antidote for the certain crisis that champions worth, independence, and fulfillment.
SOLVES: time's enigma by coupling these three universal aspirations.
PLEDGES: life-altering lessons.



About the Author
As an architect and writer the author lived as an expatriate for 25-years. These experiences coupled with an inner struggle that began in the 1960's between the spiritual and material aspects of life led the author to find a resolution, write the manuscript, and discover why God's creation works, well.



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