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Truth and Love: The United Presbyterian Church of North America: A Fifty Year Retrospective by Thomas Gilliland

Truth and Love: The United Presbyterian Church of North America: A Fifty Year Retrospective

by Thomas Gilliland

612 pages
A history and celebration of a people and a church...

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About the Book
Truth and Love takes its title from the twin slogans of the United Presbyterian Church of North America: The Truth of God, and Forbearance in Love. This Scotch-Irish denomination brought together the Covenanters and Seceders of Scotland to form a distinctly American church. From 1858 until 1958 it used truth and love to shape the faith of the frontiers of America.

Because it was a small denomination, its history, and heritage are not widely known. For the same reason, it was loved and appreciated by its members. It was also an important factor in the development of many small towns on the frontiers of a new nation. From the beginning of its history it took a strong stand against slavery, and for a small denomination it made a large contribution to the education of freed slaves both during and after the Civil War.

The United Presbyterians merged with the Presbyterian Church in 1958. Since that time their story has practically disappeared. On this anniversary of the church's founding, the story is retold in this memorial volume. The United Presbyterians were a distinctive and interesting people. Although too humble to talk about their contributions, they had a profound effect on the people they touched. Their legacy includes churches and colleges, and mission enterprises in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, and elsewhere.

This book, in addition to being a tribute, also includes a directory of the churches, ministers, and missionaries of the denomination which will be valuable to genealogists and historians. The confessional history of the church is included, making this a comprehensive reference on the United Presbyterian Church. With over 600 pages of information on a hidden treasure of American church history this volume is a gift to all those who knew, or would like to know, those wonderful people called United Presbyterians.


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About the Author
Rev. Thomas Gilliland began life in Africa, but was raised and educated in Western Pennsylvania. After serving several churches in that area he spent three years pastoring Maori congregations in New Zealand. He has also been a chaplain in state and national parks. He is married and has three children.



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