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Parent/Student Guide to the College Admission Process by Diane Librot

Parent/Student Guide to the College Admission Process

by Diane Librot

304 pages
Guide to the college admission process beginning freshman year

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Category: Education
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About the Book
When my children were in middle school, I listened to my friends and their children stress over getting into the best college. I thought it was ridiculous, until I found myself acting the same way when my oldest child began high school. After she was accepted and on her way, I learned that the stress was unnecessary and brought on by the never ending competition between the parents and their children who are unfortunately led to believe that in our society, it is all about getting the best. Over the years, I noticed that:

•Our children are taking so many AP classes that they don’t have time to experience different opportunities and enjoy their high school years. After applying to colleges, they realized that having all AP classes did not guarantee them a spot in an Ivy League school.

•Many of my children’s friends are sleep deprived because of their anxiety and stress due to over scheduling, studying, and trying to keep up with their peers. They all seem to multitask in order to get ahead. They don’t take time to enjoy the small things, because they are always competing.

•Parents and children seem to do everything it takes to get ahead. It’s all about winning, and parents want their kids to win just as much because our society classifies us as a nation of winners.

Because of these reasons, I wrote this book to provide parents with almost everything they need to know to help guide and prepare their children for the college admission process, beginning as a high school freshman. I am a New Jersey mother, not an academic professional. I have successfully helped my two children, their friends and many other referred students and parents navigate their way through this process. That is why I believe this book is so invaluable to parents and their high school age children. I wrote it after I learned firsthand how stressful this experience can be. I believe that parents and students will most likely welcome the opportunity to purchase this extensively researched manual that can potentially save them hundreds of dollars in fees often charged by paid college advisors.

I researched and gathered all the information I had taken from college preparation meetings and put it all together in an easy to read format. After reading this manual, you will see that as long as you are organized, this process is not as stressful as everyone makes it out to be.

I have provided many helpful websites which can help both parent and child learn more about the college admission process. I have also included a detailed time line for each year of high school along with organizational charts to help the student and parent prepare for each year. I hope that by reading this manual, you and your child will be able to ease your way through high school and be ready your senior year to prepare for the college application process.


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About the Author
Diane resides in Allendale, NJ with her husband Mitch and three children, Justine, Michael, and Jeff. She attended University of South Florida where she received a Bachelors Degree in English-Creative Writing and a minor in Business.



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