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Thinking Your Way to Better Health: How to Use the Power of the Brain for Health and Self-Healing by Dr. Andrew Goliszek

Thinking Your Way to Better Health: How to Use the Power of the Brain for Health and Self-Healing

by Dr. Andrew Goliszek

348 pages
A guide to reducing stress, boosting immunity, and preventing disease

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Category: Health:Medicine:Alternative Medicine
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About the Book
Everybody’s talking about it – the mind-body connection. Now, thanks to a new book by Dr. Andrew Goliszek, readers will discover why and how we get sick, how to recognize signs and symptoms of stress, and how to use the power of the brain to strenghten the immune system and trigger self-healing. With scores of examples, illustrations, charts, quizzes, step-by step instructions, and expert guidance, THINKING YOUR WAY TO BETTER HEALTH will forever change the way people approach their health.

Dr. Goliszek's book includes a wealth of information on health, fitness, diet, and stress. There are separate chapters on job stress and burnout, stress and mental health, childhood and adolescent stress, aging, spirituality and alternative medicine, and relaxation exercises, as well as appendices filled with hundreds of useful tips on health-related issues. Here are just a few of the topics covered in this groundbreaking book:

How to condition the brain to boost immunity and prevent illness and disease.

How to slow aging, maximize lifespan, and stimulate self-healing.

How to create effective and powerful mind-body images that help fight diseases like cancer.

How men and women can improve sex and physical stamina through mind-body techniques.

How to become stress-tolerant and depression resistant.

How to beat job stress and burnout through coping skills and time management techniques.

How to help children and adolescents with stress, depression, grief, and terrorism.

How to use meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery to lose weight, stay fit, improve memory, and stay disease free.

How religion and spirituality can fight illness and help us recover from disease.

How alternative treatments can enhance traditional medicine and keep us healthy for life.


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About the Author
Dr. Andrew Goliszek, a recipient of several grants from the National Institutes of Health, author of seven books published in twelve languages, and winner of the "Health Book of the Year Award," is currently a researcher and professor of Anatomy & Physiology at North Carolina A&T State University.



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