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Lessons Learned on Bull Run Road by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Lessons Learned on Bull Run Road

by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

108 pages
Inspirational and humorous stories of growing up southern and country.

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Category: Biography
About the Book
A recent release from Lake Providence, Louisiana, Lessons Learned on Bull Run Road defies the nationally recognized label branding this rural farming community as the poorest place in America.

The author, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson says, "In the last few years, many stories of the Louisiana Delta have found their way into the major newspapers, all telling sad tales of economic woe and racial tension in an area of the country the media has called the poorest place in America. I know that Delta, but it's not mine. In Lessons Learned on Bull Run Road, I hope you'll find the Delta that I love. Time is a thief that often steals our past. If the stories told here could bring smiles of recollection, sharpen faded memories or recapture feelings long forgotten, my vision for Lessons Learned on Bull Run Road will be realized."

Everyone today is talking about the redefining of America's families. Lessons Learned on Bull Run Road will take you to a place where family is defined amidst a tapestry of work and play as it shares the values three little girls, the author and her two sisters, learned while growing up along the Mississippi River

It's true -- not everyone grew up in a happy family. These readers are invited to let the Bull Run Road gang, along with their parents, cousins, grandparents and friends fill the empty holes in their hearts - if only for a time. For everyone else who had a normal childhood, in a normal family, in an average town, after reading these short, humorous stories, they might discover normal is quite wonderful after all.

Come laugh and learn with the Bull Run Road gang. Pulling from a childhood strong on discipline and rich in love, Ms. Tomlinson uses a dry wit and light touch to share lessons that can't be valued in dollars and cents. Her stories of growing up southern and country are unique to the Delta while being true to what is best about families everywhere.


Love thy neighbor. Treat others fairly. Learn from the elderly. These are just a few of the many themes and lessons shared in this telling memoir. Reaching beyond current stories of the Delta, Mrs. Tomlinson digs into her past and shares memories to treasure. Featuring twenty lessons and a selection of recipes from Melbourne Community, Lessons Learned on Bull Run Road, is a book to be treasured for a lifetime. A short read, these stories can be read in a day, but will be returned to again and again.
- Brenda Ramsbacher, Readers iBook Review



About the Author
Shellie Rushing Tomlinson Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a farmer's wife, interior designer and girls' basketball coach. She lives in Louisiana with her husband and teenagers. Look for her upcoming projects, Twas the Night before the Very First Christmas and What Southern Moms Tell Their Daughters. Shellie publishes the AllThingsSouthern website.



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