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MAGNIFICAT: Conspiracy and Murder in Renaissance Florence by Jack Rein

MAGNIFICAT: Conspiracy and Murder in Renaissance Florence

by Jack Rein

228 pages
Conspiracy, Murder, War and Redemption in Renaissance Florence.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
The year is 1478: Emerging from the darkness and superstition of the Middle Ages and the horrifying effect of the bubonic plague, man is ready for the first time in centuries to rise to the potential of his talent and intellect. The center of this new dynamic, this 'humanism', is the city of Florence.

First in talent, energy and wealth the Medici family has ruled the city for more than 40 years. Never has the city been in a better position of power. Lorenzo De Medici, the 28 year old leader of the family, oversees the torrent of creation that flows through the streets. Helped by his beloved younger brother Giuliano, Lorenzo makes certain that Florence leads the world.

But there are others who are jealous of the Medici. The Pazzi, too-long accustomed to being the 'second family', are increasingly outraged at being marginalized. Equal in wealth, the Pazzi starve for power, and Francesco Pazzi, the eldest brother of the family, will lend himself to any plot that will bring the Medici down.

Pope Sixtus IV has a secret son. He would do anything, use anyone, to see the son succeed. What better endowment than the Ducal Throne of Florence? The Pope and the Pazzi become natural allies in the conspiracy. They draw the Archbishop of Pisa into their circle. Bishop Salviati is outraged that Lorenzo has denied his ascendancy, and eagerly joins the plotters.

They need someone to provide mercenaries and logistics, someone with a military mind, to control the city once the murders have been committed. The Pope chooses one of his Papal Generals, a young military man with great potential, Giovan Battista, the Count of Montesecco, to organize and arrange the 'commission'.

A strange quirk of fate brings Lorenzo and Giovan together, and the young soldier is astounded at the depth of passion and energy of the Medici brothers. He finds himself drawn to them. Deeply conflicted, he continues to make arrangements to kill them.

On Sunday, April 26th, during High Mass and in front of hundreds of terrified spectators, the assassins strike. Their action plunges the entire peninsula into war. Only a miracle can save Florence from total destruction.

Set against the canvas of the greatest creative epoch in the history of man, Magnificat tells a story of conspiracy and treachery that reach the loftiest reaches of human power. It is a story of greed and lust for power. It tells the story of men that had everything, but in the words of one of the captured conspirators, 'They wanted more.'



About the Author
Jack was born and raised in Chicago. Moving to California to pursue a successful acting career he discovered a talent for writing, scripting the copy for hundreds of nationally produced radio and television commercials. He lives in Tustin, CA. with his wife Shelleyanne and his son Chase. This is his first novel.



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