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Through Jaded Eyes by Ryan W. McClellan

Through Jaded Eyes

by Ryan W. McClellan

45 pages
A deceptive look through the eyes of a political psychopath.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Through Jaded Eyes was written beneath the dark and sunless skies of Manic-Depression and Borderline Psychosis, speaking between the lines and with every word, the shadows and the skeletons of a faulty society are revealed in a flurry of angst and loathing.

The boundaries of controversy are crossed and the barriers of a societal censorship are cast away in disregard with the figurative "blind eyes and deaf ears" of R. McClellan, debuting his career as a published Novelist at the peak (but never "tender") age of Eighteen. Proving itself a worthy adversary in a world of close-minded "self-expression".

It is an epic exaggeration of governmental despotism, worldwide conspiracy, communal brainwashing and the grounds upon which a revolution is bred. . . and within this madness, McClellan entwines a series of (unrelated) short stories and tirades of both the Vehement and the Misunderstood.

It is a short novel worthy of reading, for fans of any genre, with a simple goal of, by any means, showing what our future may bring if we continue to allow the powers of this world desecrate the very boundaries of self-expression: a simple reminder that a bone heals and a bruise fades...

...but art is forever.



About the Author
Ryan McClellan (1989-Present) was born and raised in Miami, Florida, once known as the "Sunshine State", now slowly decaying beneath the depths of fallen angels and a city of godlessness, deception, and hate.

As a child, McClellan was always the "stand-out" student, writing to a remarkable degree and leaving in his path a trail of awestruck teachers and fellow students.

Upon Freshman year in high school, McClellan was accurately diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, and ADHD, all of which assimilated themselves within his writings.

Aside from the works of Through Jaded Eyes, McClellan was also the pen that fueled his prior works: Wolves Amongst Sheep - the chronicles of an unnamed gang well as The Unfortunate Side of Beauty: Sadist Hits - a series of poems and rants, revealing even darker times of McClellan's years.

McClellan currently resides with his father in Miami, Florida. He is entering production of his self-written / self-produced independent film: SWEAT, which will be out via DVD in Spring well as his next novel: May God Hath Mercy, based solely upon the horrors taking place in the depths of the Darfur crisis.



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