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SUM OF LIFE - The Worst Kind of Lies by John Patrick Lamont

SUM OF LIFE - The Worst Kind of Lies

by John Patrick Lamont

528 pages
A mystery of corruption and murder within the insurance industry.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
The Worst Kind of Lies, book one of the Sum of Life trilogy, is a riveting mystery of corporate deceit, deception, betrayal and murder. The setting for the story is within a fictional modern day insurance company called the Titanic Insurance Company of Kansas. Within the green and gold marble walls of Home Office and its district offices, capitalism is considered the perfect business model. For some people in this world, opportunities abound for unlimited wealth; but for others, life is reduced to an existence of fear and drudgery. Numbers here have intrinsic value, while lives are consumable or disposable commodities.

The story, shown through the perspective of each of the characters, tells how corrupt upper-level management misdirects, manipulates and fleeces its employees and unwitting clients. Few people know the hidden truths of the Company, but they all know the web of lies and try to use it for their own benefit. In this world, where power and the greed of the few outweigh the needs of the many, a champion arises to fight with a vengeance for his liberty, justice and livelihood.

The least likely of heroes battles against the forces of corporate power and organized crime. Aided by reluctant governmental agencies, the hero’s only chance for survival is how well he uses his few weapons: his wits, knowledge, courage, and the help of a group of true friends. His life becomes one of constant challenge and surprise. The promise of a better life with a newly found love and formidable ally drives him in his darkest hour to not only attempt survival, but also success. Some battles are won, others are lost, but all must sacrifice and continue to struggle against the worst kind of lies.

Book two of the Sum of Life trilogy entitled Betrayals of the Heart, and the concluding volume, Fall From Grace, will follow in sequence.


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About the Author
John Patrick Lamont draws upon fourteen years of experience working within the life insurance industry to write his novels. Inspired by both the generosity and selfishness of the people he encountered, Mr. Lamont creates a window into a corporate world of money and power driven by need and greed.



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