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THE WORLD OF HEALERS, Reality or illusion by Leonard Dobrzanski

THE WORLD OF HEALERS, Reality or illusion

by Leonard Dobrzanski

312 pages
Presentation of healing and accounts of the interviews with healers.

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Category: Health:Medicine:Alternative Medicine
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About the Book
”All alternative ways of treating diseases not based on scientific knowledge amounted to me to be either illusion or simply humbug. I was thus a radical sceptic…with regard to healing and all other more or less esoteric domains…”

This was the firm attitude of the author towards the problem of healing before he was to be confronted with an incurable illness in his nearest family. Incapable of receiving any further help from the medical establishment, he turns to alternative therapists for a remedy. His desperate search for help led him first to open up his mind to investigate the subject of alternative healing.

In his book the author describes his numerous meetings with various healers and experts on healing and gives accounts of the interviews he has conducted with them. He presents among others such known healers as Sofi Tachalov, Anita Bergin, Stephen Turoff, Ron Staley, Leif Lindberg, Pater Koziel and the experts: Daniel J. Benor and Walter Frank.

It is characteristic of the author’s approach that he manifests a willingness to accept and even be drawn into the world of healing he is describing and at the same time shows the refreshing ability to stand back from it and continue to allow potentials doubts about it. This approach allows the author to create a lively and instructive dialog in the interviews he has conducted with healers and experts.

Another feature that one can follow through the book is the author’s incessant striving to understand the nature of the healing phenomena and the development of his own ideas and philosophy of healing.

Through the narrative the author stresses the importance of reassessing the ways we perceive science and health. He makes his points clearly in an interesting text free from any complicated jargon.

In short, the book amounts to a presentation of healing and healers, liberally deprived of all spell-binding subjective enthusiasm but marked by a curiosity and investigative skepticism.



About the Author
Leonard Dobrzanski graduated from Warsaw University, taught at Warsaw and Copenhagen universities and also at the Danish National Film School. He conducted scientific research at the Universities of Warsaw, Copenhagen, Louvain, Belgium and Oxford, UK. As well as philosophical papers, he has also written some literary criticism and poetry.



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