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Legal US Immigration: Truth, Fraud and the American Way by Adam Edward Rothwell

Legal US Immigration: Truth, Fraud and the American Way

by Adam Edward Rothwell

220 pages
This important book details how foreign citizens legally enter America.

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About the Book
Legal US Immigration: Truth, Fraud and the American Way is an immigration book written for anyone interested in learning general information on how the majority of foreigners in fact enter the United States legally. It is not a how to book on immigration, and it does not contain any information on how to file immigration applications specifically. There are many books out there that cover these topics and include forms, filing locations and document lists. Rather, Legal US Immigration: Truth, Fraud and the American Way was written to just really put down on paper how people do in fact get to the United States.

This is important reading for anyone interested in immigration policy as well as politics in general, because immigration remains an incredibly hot issue in the United States. This book was written to show that our current immigration system is in serious need of overhaul, irregardless of individual political views. It shows these things through examples as opposed to baseless opinions.

Americans are divided on immigration. Some Americans favor Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and other Americans view Immigration Reform as Amnesty. Our political leaders are equally divided. However, the vast majority of Congressional leaders, Senators and candidates all favor at least the current legal immigration system.

Even former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has said, "This tide of illegal immigration has made a mockery of our legal immigration system and been fundamentally unfair to those legal immigrants who play by the rules as they wait patiently to pursue the American dream." However, the legal immigration system in the US is actually rife with fraud, which most Americans are unaware of.

This book looks at the different ways foreigners in the US get here through legal routes. It includes information on legitimate applications and how people violate the system every day.



About the Author
The author is a US Immigration Lawyer actively licensed in Maryland and Washington, DC. He is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyer Association and has clients in all fifty states as well as throughout the world.



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