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Nearvana: A User's Guide to the End of the World by Robert Griffith Turner Jr.

Nearvana: A User's Guide to the End of the World

by Robert Griffith Turner Jr.

314 pages
Coping strategies for the end of the current world system

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About the Book
Our era is unprecedented. We humans have reached a tipping point, a fork in the road. Our choices are two: ashes or a road less traveled by. This is a guidebook for taking crucial steps forward on that more hopeful route.

To begin to create healthier worldviews we need a refresher course in what it means to be human. That will require expanded awareness through pragmatic, usable insights into the nature of human consciousness -- which, in turn, will require a working model that can be understood without special knowledge or training. I have discovered that model. Serious people with serious credentials (at Brandeis, Harvard, the University of San Francisco...)have agreed that I've discovered that model. I call it matrix theory. Sounds hairy and scary, but it's not actually. No equations need be mastered. The work "matrix" comes from the Latin for "mother" and the theory is experiential; you grasp what it means through direct experience.

Human consciousness has a four-fold structure. (That's the B-Matrix of matrix theory.) Thinkers from Plato to Carl Jung to E. F. Schumacher to William Irwin Thompson have understood this. But my book explains that four-fold structure in ways that can be directly tested and put to work -- perhaps to help all of us take baby steps toward the next stage of human evolution.

A basic insight derived from matrix theory may shock some and come as no surprise to others. Namely, we must understand, ready or not, that making women the second sex some 4,000 years ago effectively suppressed the relational mode ("right brain") domains of consciousness in both men and women, rendering nearly all of us half-witted. What has been called the Great Reversal was a disaster that yet resonates around the planet.

To repair the damage done by the Great Reversal we must learn that there are two valid modes of consciousness -- head thinking and heart knowing. To shake off the chains of socially induced trance states, to wake from our dark dreaming, we must re-learn their balance. As that balance is found, we will understand that everyone we meet on the street or in the mirror has the same basic core needs. Armed with this understanding, more of us may stop looking for love and fulfillment in all the wrong places. And, as that happens, more of us will realize that we must conceive a new kind of science, even as we radically reconsider the light behind the shadows we call religion.


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About the Author
Robert Griffith Turner is a freelance writer and an Adjunct Professor for the Virginia Tech Department of Sociology. His nonfiction work focuses on the nature of human consciousness. These days, Robert lives in the mountains of southwest Virginia with his cats, Merlin and Frodo.



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