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How to Buy Cars at Auctions by Andrew J Small

How to Buy Cars at Auctions

by Andrew J Small

44 pages
Step-by-step guide to great deals at car auctions.

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About the Book
Due to the present economic crisis in the USA and around the world, it is not only houses that are being repossessed in record numbers. CARS, TRUCKS, SUVs, MOTOR HOMES, MOTORCYCLES, BOATS, etc. are also being repossessed in record numbers as well. Bailiffs, repo companies, banks, finance and lease companies are full with repossessed vehicles. In order to recover some of their losses they must sell them for whatever they can get. Their ONLY GUARANTEE of actually selling them is at auctions where everything sells to the highest bidder, even if that is pennies on the dollar.

Car dealerships are hurting like never before. It has become very difficult for the average person to get a car loan today. Without any sales, dealers are forced to dump some of their stock in auctions. They know it is the only place where they are GUARANTEED A SALE. They know they will get nowhere near their asking price at an auction, but they have no choice. Many of them are near bankruptcy themselves. They are desperate. They have to sell something every month, even if it means at an auction.

Never before has there been a better time to buy a car at an auction. However, an auction can be a scary place, if you don't know what you are doing. That is where I can help you. I have written this book specifically for people with little or no experience with auctions.

In this book HOW TO BUY CARS AT AUCTIONS I will guide you step by step through the entire process. You will learn how to quickly determine if a car is a great deal, or a lemon, even when they both look similar at first glance. I will walk you through the auction day protocol: registering, bidding, fees, payment, and taking possession of your new ride.

HOW TO BUY CARS AT AUCTIONS is 44 pages long. It is easy to read with many quick links to many helpful websites that will help you determine the value of a specific vehicle you are looking at before you buy it. It also has condition and expense checklists that you can print off and take with you to the auction. The interactive glossary will quickly bring you to explanations of key terms in the book.

After reading HOW TO BUY CARS AT AUCTIONS, not only will you literally save thou$and$ on your next car, you will find a new level of fun by winning possibly the best deal of your life.



About the Author
Andy Small has been buying vehicles at auctions for over 25 years, both for personal use and resale. He has saved thousands of dollars using the methods taught in his book. Andy is a self-employed business owner and a happily married father of two great kids.



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