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Stories of Saltillo by Thomas Minter

Stories of Saltillo

by Thomas Minter

260 pages
About happenings in a small prairie town in East Texas.

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Category: History
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About the Book
A collection of true stand-alone stories about people and events over time centered around a small prairie town in East Texas.

These accounts, by those who lived in the area, grew out of the day-to-day experiences of living, and are not manufactured, so to speak. Most people can relate to the content of these "chest to chest" stories, as they embody the American Experience, which transcends particular geographic regions and subcultures.


These stories are so interesting. I'm going to read the story of Teddy (with a few words left out) to my students at school next week.
- Victoria Leinon, Anchorage, Alaska
Stories of Saltillo provides wonderful insight into what it was like growing up in a small Texan town back in the mid-20th century. The stories are straightforward and down-to-earth. For anyone who was born or raised in the South, this book will most likely make you homesick!

The photos located in this book are an amazing collection and provide particular visual insight; I also like the fact that each story was written by an individual who really lived it - not from a third-party viewpoint.

Stories of Saltillo is a great read for anyone nostalgic for a time when things moved just a little bit slower .... a true testament of our American culture and heritage.
- Crystal Friedman, Portland, OR, USA


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About the Author
Thomas Minter Thomas Minter spent his boyhood years in Saltillo, Texas. He now lives in Swanton, Ohio, with his wife, Faye. Together, they enjoy reading and visiting historical places. A digital camera and a computer always accompanies them on their travels.



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