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The Courage of Love by Van Austin

The Courage of Love

by Van Austin

284 pages
A collection of clear, joyful, and empowering windows on spirituality.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
The Courage of Love is a collection of intelligent, clear, inspirational essays on the most powerful force in the world: love. But this goes well beyond any Hallmark interpretation of the subject, into the real strength of love: forgiveness, confidence, purpose, giving of self to others, and so much more. The concept of God is central, for "God is love," wrote St. John. Love's way is common to all spiritual paths. We must keep faith with the inner fountain that is the current of love and enthusiasm always seeking to express through us. This is a power embedded deep in every heart. Harmonizing with it and being filled with its good is the greatest joy and highest transformation for every person.

The Courage of Love is very special in that it combines the informational and the inspirational in perfect balance. It simultaneously satisfies both the objective and the subjective mind. The font is flowing and accessible: open the book anywhere, and you are instantly uplifted. Truth is always freeing, and the lucid truth of this book allows for fresh insights with each new reading. You will re-read The Courage of Love for solace, for peace, for empowerment, and for renewed purpose. Whether you are a newcomer to the spiritual path or a veteran seeker, The Courage of Love is destined to speak to you in a way that will vitalize and renew.



About the Author
Van Austin Van Austin is a writer, musician, New Thought minister, and therapist. Along the evolving adventure of his life he's also played in bands, written and recorded CD's, acted, hosted radio and television shows, taught college, presented seminars, led spiritual centers, and lived in dozens of different locales. His purpose is to help others to be their best.



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