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Body of the Anti-christ by William Tullar

Body of the Anti-christ

by William Tullar

216 pages
This book is the second volume of the Christian novel, The End Times War.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
The Body of the Anti-Christ is the second book of The End Times War. This book opens with the hero, Chris Burrelle, and his wife, Beth, pastoring a struggling church in Western Germany. He soon annoys the wrong people. Late at night, he is taken from his home as a captive of the shadowy forces of the Telos. The Telos, the soldiers and functionaries who form the body of the Anti-Christ, are slowly and furtively taking over the European Union and working their way into power in Russia. Chris is taken by closed railroad car to central Kazakhstan where is interned in a concentration camp with other Christian pastors. After half a year in the camp, there is an earthquake which destroys the camp facilities, the watchtowers, and the concertina wire. In the ensuing confusion, Chris, along with two companions, escapes from the camp. The three walk over a hundred miles through the barren steppes of Kazakhstan. At last with some help from locals they make their way into Russia. With the Telos always in pursuit, two of the three are able to use public transportation to make their way north to Moscow and thus fly out to Western Europe. Desperate to be left in peace, Chris Burrelle finds and confronts his arch nemesis, David Afton who he is sure ordered his kidnapping. Both survive the confrontation, and Chris is able to fly back to the U. S. to be reunited with his wife.



About the Author
William L. Tullar is a professor of management at UNC-Greensboro. He has been a visiting professor in the USSR, Germany, and Moldova. He has served as deacon, elder, and Sunday school teacher for 35 years. It is from this experience that his novels are drawn.



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