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A Painful Post Mortem by Mel Menzies

A Painful Post Mortem

by Mel Menzies

256 pages
Tragic and tender, a story of love stretched to its limits.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Grief and loss come in many forms. The repeated betrayal by a spouse, followed by divorce. A wayward child running away from home. A teenager taking up with drugs. A young woman ravaged with a heroin addiction that threatens to destroy her.

Then there is the loss of trust in the establishment. Social workers, police, family courts and medics, all of whom may fail to address the issues in a constructive manner or, worse, who subvert responsibility and common sense in the promotion of Rights. And then there’s bereavement! The most devastating of losses. A death in suspicious circumstances. A Pathology Report that writes it off as a self-inflicted accident.

These are the real-life experiences of the author, and the inspiration for this novel. And it is an inspirational novel! For out of the grief and loss arises a sense of hope – in the strength of the human spirit; in the healing to be found in forgiveness; in the power of prayer; the certainty of unconditional love; and the hope of meeting your loved one again in another life.

Read of the conflict between Claire and Mark; the blame game and internal guilt; their struggles for reconciliation, for peace, and for closure as, together. they battle to uncover the truth of their daughter’s death.


After reading your book, we felt it would be good to add it to the Bereaved Parents' Network library, which is a resource we have at all the events we run for bereaved parents, which many find very helpful . . . It is refreshingly different - writing it as a novel makes it so easy to read. And it is very well written too.
- Mike Coulson, Bereaved Parents' Network Co-ordinators
I have read A Painful Post Mortem with much interest and I am greatly impressed with the book and, not least, your actual written style.
- Michael Saward, Canon Treasurer St Paul's Cathedral (rtd)
I loved the bereavement poem in the book. It was so moving...
- Long Crendon
Started your book last night – finding it most compelling.
- Celia Bowring of CARE
I received this book as a birthday present and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it - the way you write about Faith and God is just incredible, and has really helped me at a difficult time. I am pregnant and facing death from cancer... according to Dr. prognosis is about a year... baby is 24 weeks. I worked for a long time with drug and alcohol abuse... now for CRUSE Bereavement Care and a Child Bereavement Charity and I would like to put you book on to our required reading for a students if that would be OK. I love the way you change the tense so seamlessly. It has everything... humour, pain, characterisation, existential angst.
- Lydia
I’m not normally a reader; however, I could not put this book down.
- Penny (works in drugs rehab)



About the Author
Mel Menzies Author of a number of books, one a No 4 Bestseller, Mel Menzies is also an experienced Speaker at live events, as well as on Radio and TV. Part of the 'sandwich generation' she fits her writing life in between husband, daughters, and care of elderly parents plus five year old twin grandchildren.



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