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Lesson Learned by Scott Loken

Lesson Learned

by Scott Loken

144 pages
Coming of age tale about modern racism in college.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
You are a witness to a horrifying sight that will change your life forever... a smoking gun held by the crooked cop who committed the crime... your girl pleading in your ear to think twice about the rage boiling your blood... your teacher's voice reminding you that you have the heart of a civil rights leader, while your fists remember you're a street fighter. These are the choices that find Sean Taylor, a college freshman full of dreams, but also chocked with rage when it comes to injustice and racism.

From his daily, up close point of view we see how racism and ignorance dig even into the world of academia, where for Sean the hardest tests aren't in the classroom - but on the streets. As a white student with deep friendships among various races, Sean finds himself oddly out of place in a predominantly white population after having grown up in such a diverse area. He is constantly in umbrage over racial tensions, on and off campus, that trigger his reactionary fist. Along the way he learns from his Black Studies teacher and the new love of his life, that his brawls are leading to his failure. This proves true when Sean faces a situation he could have only envisioned in his worst nightmares and any lessons he's learned up until that point are put to the ultimate test.

A story inspired by historical movements and heroic leaders, this intense debut novel is sure to capture readers and inspire a desire to seek positive change in any surroundings.



About the Author
Born and raised in Berkeley, CA, Scott Loken experienced a very diverse upbringing. While attending UCSB he researched and internalized the Civil Rights Movement and now uses his talent for writing to speak out against modern racism.



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