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Once Upon A Time At Loch Ness & Other Stories by William Cates

Once Upon A Time At Loch Ness & Other Stories

by William Cates

112 pages
A collection of short stories joyfully exploring human nature.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
The title story of this book finds an American couple and their two children on the shores of Loch Ness hoping to catch sight on the elusive sea monster, "Nessie." Later, looking for lodging for the evening, they become lost and stumble across a mysterious inn tucked far away in a beautiful glenn. During the night, the husband, unable to sleep, encounters the wife of the inn's owner who takes him on a mental mysical tour of what may or may not be real.

The second story is about an outlandish dinner party for the ridiculously rich wherein the hostess tries for decorum while her guests speculate on the subject of best lovers. But once the guests leave a surprise awaits the reader.

The third is a tender story is about a high school student who develops a Platonic relationship with an older girl who, like him, doesn't fit into the school's social life. Together, and by chance, they learn more about life and love than they ever expected.

The fourth story begins on a train from Paris when an American traveler discovers two Southern female lawyers who failed to have the good time they expected from France. With the time that's left on their journey to London and with the male traveler as culinary and wine guide the threesome set about making up for lost opportunities.

The fifth story is pure fantasy that has fun with the current fascination for manifesting your own reality; a young woman recalls her experience of how she managed to wake up one morning in bed with a famous actor.

The sixth story was inspired by and takes some liberites with George Bernard Shaw's play "Candida." A popular and socially consientious minister becomes suspicious of his spirited and independent young wife after catching a hint of a man's aftershave lotion on her shoulders, a lotion the minister himself wore when he was much younger. Before eventually forcing the issue, the minister tries to get at the truth without altering the image he assumes his wife has of him.

The final story is darker and deeper than the others which are more light-hearted and humorous takes on relationships. In the story, a wine salesman becomes intrigued by an older man who always dined at the best restaurants with three very attractive women -- always three and rarely the same women. After getting to know one of the women, the wine salesman learns the true story behind the collector of women as the story itself unfolds with the three principles playing out an unexpected destiny.



About the Author
William Cates was born in New Orleans, educated in Virginia and is now a winemaker (Tantara Winery) in California. Along the way he has worked as a horse trainer, construction worker, teacher, photographer, newspaper reporter, and organic farmer. He has also written and directed stage plays.



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