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The Ginger Tom by Oscar Robinson

The Ginger Tom

by Oscar Robinson

248 pages
Imprisoned Naval Officer set free by former US intelligence agent

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Lew Piper is vacationing in England, staying with a lady friend of his. He thought that it was a simple enough request: Could he find a way for his lady friendís brother, a British Army officer, to send a letter to friend of his that is an American Naval officer? Lew used to work in American Intelligence and still had many friends working for the US government.

But it wasnít that easy at all. The Naval officer in question, a SEAL, turns out to be serving a life sentence in a maximum-security US prison. He was convicted of blowing up a school bus in England while on Exchange Duty with a British Army regiment. When Piper asks about how the Navy man might be contacted, his friend gets very irritable and refuse to help.

Piper researches the attack and confronts his friend with inconsistencies in the reporting of the event in the UK. He can find no evidence of the attack ever being reported in the US press.

The deeper that he digs, the more questions that he asks, the more improbable the story becomes. Eating lunch in a restaurant, he is approached by a man who tells him that his inquiries have become a matter of concern for unnamed people of influence. Recognizing the meeting as a textbook intelligence service warning to cease and desist, he decides to comply until the man threatens the safety of his lady friend. Infuriated by the threat, Piper knocks the man unconscious and hauls him off to the American Embassy. With the help of the CIA Station Chief, he questions the messenger and the case against the naval officer begins to unravel.

The rest of the story is a frantic jumble of IRA killers, lost rolls of film, surviving an ambush on the motorway, getting the Naval officer set free, nerve gas, and finally bringing the guilty parties to justice.


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About the Author
Oscar Robinson worked in the Intelligence business for a number of years. He currently lives in Texas with his wife and three cats, spending his time writing mystery fiction for his character Lew Piper and restoring old Italian cars.



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