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Technology & Your Retirement Lifestyle: Tools For The New You by Jeffrey Webber

Technology & Your Retirement Lifestyle: Tools For The New You

by Jeffrey Webber

172 pages
The tools of technology can enhance your retirement lifestyle.

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About the Book
You’ve probably heard by now that we living longer, healthier lives. So, as we enter our Third Age, that period of time after family and career, a significant area of concern must be what we are going to do with the all of that time.

Hopefully you’ve devised a plan for retirement consisting of goals that will encourage an invigorating lifestyle. This plan will help you redefine, reinvent, and rediscover yourself. Most research concludes that boomers want to stay active and engage in meaningful activities. Being comfortable with the Internet, including researching information and
e-mailing, is but one example of available “tools of technology” that are there to assist you.

An all-important consideration is how we can make life more accommodating during the retirement years. Without a doubt, the “tools of technology” can help. They can make life simpler and give you the support to do what you really want to do.

This book discusses “tools of technology” and recommends ways to be more at ease and adept with those tools. You are presented with clear, understandable ways to incorporate technology into your day-to-day retirement lifestyle. The emphasis is on creativity, continuing education, socialization, personal growth, and the organization of financial tasks.

You will also explore various ways those "tools" can help you make your passion to learn about new hobbies a reality.


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About the Author
Jeffrey Webber Jeffrey Webber was a public school educator for thirty-three years. As a Technology Facilitator for his school district, he taught integration of technology into daily living activities.
In his first book, entitled The New Professional Person’s Retirement Lifestyle, Mr. Webber discusses specific, detailed, creative, and innovative activity-based recommendations for the retiree.



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