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A More Just World by Daniel F O'Gorman

A More Just World

by Daniel F O'Gorman

203 pages
Can we have less violence, hunger and death? Read How!

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
A More Just World by Daniel O’Gorman

A More Just World discusses how to change United States government policies to help the poor in the United States and in the world. Everyone after Katrina was shocked at the poverty in New Orleans. Americans have become so distant from the poor in their own country and are oblivious to the poverty in the world. This condition will lead to major problems in this country just as it did to past world powers in history when they ignored the poor. The author gives answers and solutions to the following questions.

Why is caring about the poor important?
What happens when we don’t care for the poor?
What can be done to help the poor in the United States?
What can be done to help the poor in the World?
Why should you help the poor?

How do we solve the Social Security problem in the United States?
Why do we support a government program that has a 65% failure rate? Prisons!
Why do we arm the world and then send our troops to fight those we arm?
How can we change the world using our military?

Why are the poor in the United States taxed so heavily?

What is world trade?
How can world trade be used to help the poor of the world?

This book is not for the sophisticated economists of the world. This is down to earth practical advice and is for every person who wants to live in a better world. The author Daniel O’Gorman has been a business man until his early fifties when he had to take on the care of his grandson. Then in his sixties two more grandchildren were put in his care. Due to the care requirements of the children Mr. O’Gorman lost his job and became a member of the working poor. It is from this perspective and considerable social justice training and work that this book was born.

We hope you find the time to read this book, enjoy it and act on its message.



About the Author
The author is presently retired and writing books. He spends most of his time taking care of three adopted grandchildren with considerable joy. The book writing’s purpose is to influence others to live a better life. It replaces his active participation in social justice work.



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