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Charlie's Gift by Frank Comstock

Charlie's Gift

by Frank Comstock

200 pages
Serenity and peace abound – a feast for the soul.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Through simple living and helping others before helping himself, Charlie Whitlock brings serenity and peace to all whose lives he touches.

Looking for a way out of poverty, Charlie escapes his family’s hardscrabble farm after high school with an eye toward prosperity and the better things in life. Years later, Charlie discovers the simple life is what he really wants.

Community, helping others, and family are what Charlie has been searching for all his life.

Travel with Charlie as he returns to his roots while searching for his future. Meet his family and friends and discover serenity and peace. Join Charlie on his travels and slow down as you find refreshment, relaxation, and respite from our too-busy world.

Slow down – take a break – relax and enjoy reading a book that will bring a sense of calm into your life. Smile a little – laugh a little – be a little inspired and just enjoy the sense of happiness in Charlie’s world where possessions are far less important than people.

Charlie’s Gift offers a break from our hectic pace by transporting us to a world of serenity and peace. Read it with a cup of herbal tea and honey. Unwind.” --- Wanda Urbanska, host/co-producer of Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska, syndicated public television series, and co-author of Simple Living and Moving to a Small Town.

“…a delightful piece of work…very well written…sweet understanding of family
dynamics…a story for our time…” --- Terry L. White, author of Runaway Hearts,
Mystick Moon, Crazy Quilt
, and many other novels.



About the Author
Published often in fiction and non-fiction, Frank Comstock brings serenity, peace, and small-town values to his novels. Frank blends his family’s almost 390 years of New England heritage with his experiences growing up in South Carolina and then traveling the world. His writing is always peaceful and family-friendly.



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