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In Search of a Perfect Quote by James A. Pierce

In Search of a Perfect Quote

by James A. Pierce

155 pages
A collection of over 2000 different quotes from throughout history on business, education, law and many other topics.

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Category: Reference
About the Book
This outstanding collection, researched and compiled by James and Carol Pierce, features quotes from housewives, entertainers, entrepreneurs, sports champions, business people, presidents, generals, kings, queens, politicians and more.

It's imperative to have a perfect quote for that perfect time, place, and situation. You don't have to be a good originator, just a good duplicator. Just knowing the right phrase can leave a great impact, and you could be remembered forever. It could be another promotion, higher income, higher grade average, and being accepted as a GREAT SPEAKER.



About the Author
James and Carol Pierce compiled this work through extensive research and dedication. They are a team and have been married for 28 years. "We pray that our quotes will help you grow and become successful in life."



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