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The No Nonsense Guide To Digital Photography by Ron Kness

The No Nonsense Guide To Digital Photography

by Ron Kness

96 pages
A digital photography book that truly starts at the beginning.

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Category: Art:Photography
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About the Book
The Non Nonsense Guide To Digital Photography is one book that truly starts at the beginning. We start by walking you through the process of inserting batteries in a new camera.

Next, we take you through the initial set-up of a sample menu system. The process is illustrated with actual color images showing you - instead of just explaining – how to accomplish this part of the process.

From here, we explain the common elements of composition and when/how to use each of these elements. The elements of composition are “rules” photographers use to create a visual excitement in their photographs. Next, we actually take a photograph.

From here, we explain how to download that photograph you just took it into your computer. Next, comes the how-to as far as performing some of the more common image-edit tasks such as removing red-eye, removing unwanted objects, cropping, etc. using an inexpensive image-editing software program that comes boxed with many digital cameras.

Last, we explain how to size and save images based on how the images are to be used – printed and hung on the wall or as an attachment to an email or uploaded to a website.

The No Nonsense Guide To Digital Photography takes you from the beginning to the end of the digital photography process.



About the Author
Ron instructs several digital photography courses for a Community Education Program and authors a photography techniques column for a bi-monthly writers' magazine.

In addition, he is a published photographer/writer in-house publications and in-flight magazines and he is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography's Professional Photography course.



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