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Tools For the Busy Writer by Barbara Price Galvan

Tools For the Busy Writer

by Barbara Price Galvan

33 pages
The book will help cut time out of a busy day leaving more time for writing. The software and demo database will provide tools that will get you organized and productive. This book will help any writer make his time writing a success in a short period of time.

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Category: Writing
About the Book
This is the tool that all writers have been looking for. It will increase productivity and cut the time of preparation and promotion in half. This book offers writers a way to improve their writing with free tools. Knowledge and quick on-line resources will provide the busy writer with quick solutions to problems and have a new tool for happy writers today.

This book has a section on placing the book in the new technology of ebooks.

The writer will learn how to construct tools using Access and Word to track submission and organize their hard drive files. This book is a tool for the busy writer.



About the Author
Barbara Price Galvan work has appeared in several technical CAD magazine's, Key Solutions. She has her first children's book, Travel Log for Kids'Activities for the Road, in Little Professor and Walden's Books store. Barbara has written an operator's manual for a local CD-ROM manufacturing company. She has hit the e-book publishing world with How to Make Money Writing on the Web and Self-Printing Handbook with Word, How to Make Money Writing on the Web, and Automate the Office to be More Productive with WinBatch. The newest book is a young adult book that delicately touches on the hard topic of suicide.



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