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Lifewheel: Your Choices at Life's Every Turn by Kathy Kouzmanoff

Lifewheel: Your Choices at Life's Every Turn

by Kathy Kouzmanoff

328 pages
Lifewheel: how inner and outer worlds change as you do

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
Written as a timeless classic, Lifewheel shows how your inner and outer worlds change as you do. Lifewheel instantly shows your place in the spiral of life and how others see it from theirs. Handle complex personal differences with insight and stability. Resolve time and timelessness. Be both dynamic participant and liberated observer, with Lifewheel “bringing it all together.”

Learn Four Levels Of Development And Their Place In Your Life.
Needy Responder (Body)
Smart And Successful Conformist (Mind And Heart)
Receptive and Real Individualist (Soul)
Conscious and Connected and Occasionally God-Intoxicated Conscient (Spirit)

Apply The Four Levels In Your Inner And Outer Life To Make Informed Choices
Inner: Motivation, Identity, Focus, Relationships, Emotions, Ethics, Awareness and Wisdom
Outer: Family, Politics, Sex, Religion Social Situations and Work

Lifewheel’s 100 short chapters are easy to read, providing rich and elegant clarity. Your spirit will soar as you see your many-faceted life integrated in Lifewheel and your choices at life’s every turn.

Lifewheel is Kathy Kouzmanoff’s first book.

LEVELS Of Development
Level 1 Responder (Body)
Needy, Naďve, Narcissistic and Non-Aware
Basic Task: Survive Physically and Emotionally
Basic Value: Neediness
Basic Belief: The World Is About Me.
Basic Problem: The World Is Not Just About Me.
Mottos: It’s My Way Or The Highway; or I’m Nothing Without You.

Level 2 Conformist (Mind and Heart)
Smart, Savvy, Sassy and Successful
Basic Task: To Take The Role of The Other
Basic Value: Doing And Belonging
Basic Belief: If I Am Good, Things Will Be OK.
Basic Problem: I’m Good But Things Are Not OK.
Mottos: He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins; or Love conquers all.

Level 3 Individualist (Soul)
Receptive, Reflective and Real
Basic Task: To Reflect And Take Perspective
Basic Value: Authenticity
Basic Belief: If I Am Myself, I Will Be Fulfilled.
Basic Problem: I Am Myself, But Something Is Missing.
Mottos: I Gotta Be Me; or To thine own self be true, and thou canst not be false to any other.

Level 4 Conscient (Spirit)
Conscious, Connected and Constant
Basic Task: To Be Aware Of The Subtlety
And Interconnectedness of All Things
Basic Value: Being
Basic Belief: All Is As It Is.
Basic Problem: No Problem.
Mottos: Sometimes I Sits & Thinks & Sometimes I Just Sits; or Love one another.



About the Author
Kathy Kouzmanoff Kathy Ritger-Kouzmanoff is a former Franciscan nun and psychotherapist, now writing and lecturing in her warm and wise style. She holds a Master’s Degree, is married to philosopher Dr. Robert M Wallace, living in the USA and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The Wisconsin State Historical Society archives her papers.



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