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The Writer Who Smiles by Jacob F Malewitz

The Writer Who Smiles

by Jacob F Malewitz

138 pages
A book for all writers.

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Category: Writing:Creative Writing:Essays
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About the Book
Part creative and spiritual guide, part story of a freelance writer, this book isnít just for screenwriters, novelists, magazine or online writers: itís for all those writers looking for success in the world, and all those readers wishing to understand what it means to write.

Inspired by the works of Julia Cameron, author of ďArtistís Way,Ē this book is a collection of 66 essays designed not as a how-to-write, but as a roadmap to the journey of being a writer. There are plenty of ways to gain faith, hope, and happiness as a writer or reader on the journey.

Are you ready to begin a writing career? Have you been published but recently found little reason to continue? You need the tools built by taking the journey for happiness in writing. These tools do not come overnight. The first step is infusing your life with creativity. The next step is to learn from every failure, every success.

In this book, you will learn:

How you can heighten your creative sense.
How you can dream of any success, be it a major magazine publication, a screenplay, or a novel.
All the ways you can be happy in life and writing.
How you can deal with pain and tears in your writing life.
How to journal every day for daily inspiration, understanding, and happiness.
How to bring your faith into the writing process.
That beginning something is hard; but, once we do, finishing is so much easier.

You will gain:

An understanding that you must first write poorly to write well.
How life affects each of us in its own way.
An understanding of a freelance writer who battled mental illness, drug addiction, lost jobs, and other things that caused him to lose hope.

You will find:

The inner writer within you who wants to smile.
The writer inside who wants to cry.
The writer who wants to make each piece the best it can be.

Hopefully this creative guide will help you learn and find more than all of these parts. We writers need find faith in our prose. Allow yourself to smile, for that is the best part of all.



About the Author
Jacob Malewitz is the author of 500 published articles, in print and online. He worked as a journalist for two years prior to making freelance writing his career. He has been published in Write-From-Home, Absolute Write, Compulsive Reader, Scryptic Studios, and dozens of other sites and print publications.



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