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CONGRATULATIONS - GREAT JOB! A Great Guide for Graduates, New Hires, or Anyone Wanting to Succeed at Work by Steve Lyons

CONGRATULATIONS - GREAT JOB! A Great Guide for Graduates, New Hires, or Anyone Wanting to Succeed at Work

by Steve Lyons

240 pages
Graduates and new hires guide for success at work.

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Category: Business:Training
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About the Book
Providing young adults with the gift of success.

The title, Great Job is a simple play-on-words with the potential for great meaning and impact to a young persons life. To a parent, relative or close friend, it is a high form of recognition and encouragement for having accomplished some major milestone, such as graduating, coming of age or landing their first job. It can also be viewed as a reference to a certain job as being a great job to have and worth doing well.

A good work ethic is not something most people are born with; it is something we must learn, usually through some very tough experiences. This guide can help reduce the disappointment and harshness of those experiences and ensure that ones self-esteem and self-worth stay intact.

Our success in life and at work will not happen by accident. It takes focus, effort and determination to reach any true measure of accomplishment. In addition to the areas of physical and emotional maturity, we cannot overlook the need to impart a general knowledge and understanding of the employee-employer relationship to our young adults. This knowledge is critical to the development of young people into mature and successful working adults, and is the key to their self-sufficiency.

Studies have shown that the earlier we learn a subject the easier it is to grasp and with that in mind we can not start too soon exposing young adults to the success strategies that will carry them to adulthood. This guide will not only teach these critical success strategies, but will also help ensure a fulfilling life of high self-esteem and self-worth that can have a lasting effect in every aspect of their lives.

Topics covered are:
Work ethics
Adding value
Becoming invaluable
Problem solving
Goal setting
Career vs. Job
And much more…



About the Author
Steve Lyons is a 30 year veteran of business management with a unique insight into the employee-employer relationship. His view on developing strong work ethics combined with the ability to coach employees to greater success has earned him a high degree of respect as a leader and mentor throughout his career.



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