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Caruso by James Turner (Jim Turner)


by James Turner (Jim Turner)

240 pages
A strange and terrifying creature threatens a small town.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
An old homeless man goes insane, ranting about a strange creature that ďsangĒ at him. The wife of a powerful political donor disappears during an evening walk leaving only a shoe and a torn up piece of grass as clues. These seemingly unrelated events put teenager Tim Barker and police inspector Jack Sergeant on separate paths that will bring them together in a quest to save their town.

Tim Barker, trying to deal with the loss of his mother, an emotionally absent father, and the complexities of teen life finds his world spinning out of control as he tries to prove his homeless friend isnít simply hallucinating. Jack Sergeant, a military veteran, thought he knew what fear was, but nothing could prepare him for what he would experience on this case.

Eventually Tim and Jack are drawn to the same impossible conclusion: something is stalking their town, a creature so terrible that the very sound of it can drive a person mad. As more people go missing they join forces to seek out the creature until finally, deep in forgotten caverns beneath the town, they come face to face with something that canít exist, something more bizarre than they could possibly imagine.

And although they do not know it, they must, at all costs keep the creature away from wiener dogs.



About the Author
Jim Turner was born and raised in Northern California. Books have been a part of his life from childhood and writing fiction has been a long-held dream. He currently resides in California with his wife and youngest daughter.



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