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How to Save a LOT of Money When You Have a LOT of Dogs! by Cyn Mobley

How to Save a LOT of Money When You Have a LOT of Dogs!

by Cyn Mobley

33 pages
Saving money on taking care of your dogs

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About the Book
Do you have a lot of dogs? If you do, you probably didn't intend to. It seems like circumstances just place them in your life, doesn't it?

I have fourteen dogs in the house right now. My routine medications like heartworm and such used to run around $340 a month or so. Now they're around $50.

One of the biggest costs is routine prevention like heartworm and other worming medications, along with flea and tick prevention. And prevention is a LOT cheaper than curing these problems.

This ebook talks about generic and off label medications and how to set up a cost-effective pack management plan by using them. It's not intended as veterinary advice, nor does it diagnose, evaluate or recommend treatment for any condition. You've got to work together with your vet to do this.

You'll save the cost of this booklet and many times over the first month if you have a lot of dogs!



About the Author
Cyn Mobley Cyn Mobley rescues Greyhounds and Airedales in the South. Her current pack consists of eight Greyhounds, three Airedales, two mutts and a bunch of fosters.



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