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The Smart Person's Guide To Opals And Opal Buying by Kevin C. Staffa

The Smart Person's Guide To Opals And Opal Buying

by Kevin C. Staffa

59 pages
The essential reference for those interested in Australian opals. Learn what no other book on opals will tell you: the three keys to the secrets of opal; and a great deal more.

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Category: Reference
About the Book
If you have ever been interested in opals but you felt you did not understand this unique gemstone or if you work with opals and want to truly understand your subject then this book is an essential tool for you.

Written in a succinct yet comprehensive and easy to read style this book explains everything you need to know about opal. It's not a scientific treatise. It is written for the layperson.


The smart person's guide to opal myth and legend
Three keys to the secret of opal
Mining, fossicking and prospecting for opal
Opal on the scale of hardness
Specific gravity and opals
Varieties of precious opal - "Background" to colour
Opal colours and patterns
Enhancement of colour in opals
Solid opals and assembled opals (doublets and triplets)
Valuing natural opal
Selecting your opal
Glossary for smart opal persons
Quiz for smart opal persons
Handy references for smart opal persons

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59 pages.



About the Author
Kevin Staffa lives on the west coast of Australia with his wife and daughter. By profession he is a lawyer, but he has been a collector of Australian gemstones, especially opals and sapphires, and an opal cutter, for many years. He is also a writer and amateur historian. He has been a legal advisor to opal and gold miners in Australia for many



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