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Waiting to See the Principal and Other Poems by Joe Sottile

Waiting to See the Principal and Other Poems

by Joe Sottile

140 pages
Almost 70 funny poems about kids, school, sports,and home.

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Category: Children:Poetry
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About the Book

Almost 70 poems and pictures are packed into one book about kids in charge of the school, long-lasting teddy bears, out of control pencil sharpeners, a boy waiting to see the principal, a student with writer's block, an exceptionally smart secretary, a lunchroom where anything can happen, a monster under the bed, a giraffe with a stiff neck, a dog that licks and bites, a starving dinosaur, wishes that might come true, and sports such as baseball, football, and peach ball.

Joe was inspired by his students and family life to write these poems for kids of all ages.


Joe Sottile shares my belief that poetry is meant to be enjoyed. A veteran classroom presenter, he shares dozens of poems aimed at grade-schoolers in "Waiting to See the Principal." All are illustrated through Lori Aman's wonderfully expressive line drawings. Lori's hilarious art and Joe's outrageous imagination combine to make this a book that children will find thoroughly entertaining; it might even encourage them to write and illustrate a few poems of their own!
- Jayne Jaudon Ferrer, author and poet
A great book! Fun and engaging poetry for children.
- Fourth grade teacher, Michele Marconi, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elementary School
This book [Waiting to See the Principal and Other Poems] really hits the hearts of the young and the ‘young hearted.’
- Michael Pucino, teacher, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elementary School
I love the poems in the book. Very kid-friendly.
- Melissa Caswell, teacher, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elementary School
The poems were very kid-friendly, and the addition of the illustrations only adds to the poems. I like how many of the poems adds multiple perspectives in a very accurate way!
- Kate Smithler, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elementary School



About the Author
Joe Sottile Joe Sottile is a former teacher in upstate, NY. He loves writing poetry for children and essays for adults. He has been published in the Chicken Soup series, Rejection Lessons, “The English Journal,” “Once Upon a Time,” and other magazines. Joe loves doing poetry performances, writing workshops, biking, and golfing.



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