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THE HUMAN HANDBOOK: Your Extraordinary Story by Tom Crawford

THE HUMAN HANDBOOK: Your Extraordinary Story

by Tom Crawford

220 pages
Your Human story; science, ancient history, our Creator and beyond.

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Category: Science
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About the Book
This is a reference book for the ordinary person. It is a reference book on the human being that takes one from the formation of the Universe and the Earth, through our human physiology. It examines not only history but also our possible future. How did we get into this mess, and how will we get out of it? Take this journey through the basics and beyond and examine the human puzzle through the research and opinions of scientists, historians, philosophers, and theologians. This book contains a piece of valuable, new knowledge--or thought--for everyone. This is the story of the Evolution of us, the Creation.

Can the ordinary person with an average education grasp theories that help explain the formation of the Universe, deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA), and cloning? With our scientific advances, are there ways to logically consider the possibilities of our psychic abilities and the existence of extraterrestrials? What can we learn about the question of life after death and the nature of our souls, or even about our Creator?

Could it be possible that we were engineered by an advanced civilization that first visited this planet over four hundred thousand years ago--an engineer separate from a universal energy that seems to connect all of us? It seems to me that historical and other evidence now leads us toward that conclusion. This concept suddenly brings logic to the stories of the Old Testament and other ancient writings.

Most of us feel limited by our knowledge of science, philosophy, or by the ways in which we perceive ourselves as human spirits. This is a reference book designed for the non-scientist and non-philosopher who is willing to learn more about human history and human potential. What lies ahead is a simplified yet amazing picture of our place in the Universe, of our place as physical and spiritual beings.


This book is empowering. The Human Handbook sent me on a spiritual quest of esoteric levels; following the recommended titles referenced within. The theories presented in the book resolve some mysteries yet lead to new mysteries. Why were religious leaders so afraid of The Book of Jubilees and the Book of Enoch? Now I'm on Lost Scriptures by Bart D. Ehrman and my son is reading Fallen Angels. The Human Handbook sent me on a theological expedition.
- J. Crawford



About the Author
Tom Crawford Tom Crawford has directed federal, state and local affordable housing programs for over 30 years. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps in Vietnam. Originally from Arlington, Virginia, he and his wife now reside in Florida where he continues his work in housing.



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