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42 - The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything by Mol Smith

42 - The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything

by Mol Smith

178 pages
A final solution to the Great Debate.

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Category: Science
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About the Book
A final answer to silence both theologian and scientist on the nature of existence, the question of God, human awareness, and human purpose - 42 is crammed full of original thought. The most profound questions remain unanswered satisfactorily by religion or science. How could such blinkered thought and belief disciplines possibly offer a meaningful answer to our most important questions: is there a god? Where do I come from? Is there a purpose to life... my life? What happens when I die?

Now, one author uses all the various disciplines of human thought and skill to explore the truth and provide undeniable answers to the questions every one of the 6.5 billion people on the planet has asked themselves. Here is a rational, practical, yet inspiring, exposure to the meaning of it all; an answer which threatens to provoke massive debate and illuminate the elegant truth denied to the most leading academics on the planet.

If you really wish to know what life and the universe is all about and what your true purpose is (yes, you have one), then this is the book for you. Written informally, and with good intent to take the reader simply, without jargon, into the very depths of reality, and bring them safely back again with a complete understanding of reality that defies all arguments - this work reveals the secret of why we are here. And you will be thrilled and mesmerized at the simple and elegant answer: 42!



About the Author
Mol Smith is not just an author, but an artist, writer, technologist, science publisher, and thinker. He believes only revealing all truth will lead to a better society, and disrupt the 2000 year reign of self-seeking advantage at the sacrifice of true social attitudes.



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